Anglophone Community, March 29, 2021

The third EPC Anglophone community Après-cours featured Jewel Perlin, Ph.D who led a workshop entitled “How to Combat Screen Fatigue”. Dr. Perlin is a Montréal psychologist dividing her time among clinical practice at Concordia University, training and supervision, facilitating workshops, as well as regularly appearing on local television as a psychological expert. Here is the outline of the workshop:

  • LEARN what screen fatigue is
  • RECOGNIZE the signs
  • UNDERSTAND what causes it
  • IDENTIFY what you can do about it with research-based strategies to help you cope

The workshop was on March 29th, 2021 from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. It was hosted by Frank Furfaro, educational consultant at the EMSB and chairperson of the EPC committee, Marc Gariépy and Emilie Bowles, RÉCIT consultants for Adult General Education.

Session recording


By clicking on the hyperlink of one of the points in the table below, you will be redirected to the precise moment of the recording when this point was discussed.

Welcome & Opening

How to Alleviate Screen Fatigue
Icebreaker activity
Action calendar
Learning Objectives
What is Screen Fatigue?
Recognize the signs
Preventing Computer Vision Syndrome
– Create a workspace
– The 20-20-20 method
– Eye Yoga
– Build in breaks
– Transition Rituals
– Go Outdoors
– Ground your attention
– Resist the urge to multitask
– Bring your attention back
Breakout room work
I will commit…

Documents and links

Action for happiness website
You will find the shared resources in the resource library
The Presentation used during the workshop
The Anglophone community forum on Moodle FGA

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