The importance of vocabulary teaching in adult ESL with Tom Cobb, Ph.D., UQAM

Empirical research has shown that if students don’t know the majority of the first 3000 words in English, they will likely struggle with their classroom learning activities. Professor Tom Cobb of UQAM will share several online tools to assess your students’ vocabulary levels as well as vocabulary learning resources to help your students become independent learners.

Rencontre du 29 janvier 2020, animée par Lori Abrams, enseignante au centre d’éducation des adultes des Portages-de-l’Outaouais et Danielle C. Jacques, service régional du RÉCIT à la FGA, Chaudière-Appalaches.

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Introduction and welcome
Why is it important to teach vocabulary in ESL?
Vocabulary vs. grammar in teaching
General vocabulary (common words) versus theme related (or topic-specific) vocabulary
Question : What percentage of common words should students know? For secondary 4 and 5?
Question : Should we teach at the level (L) or above the level (L+1)?
The 4 strands by Paul Nation
Mini-pilot project: Assessing the level of vocabulary of real students
Using the vocabulary test in practice mode
How to make a corpus in Lextutor
Using Range to find how many texts contains the same words
Using the Text Lex Compare tool
Using the Concordancer
Changing your corpus to a frequency list
Using your frequency list in the Familizer
Question period
Online graded readers

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  • Annick Dubois à

    Wow, such an interesting topic. I’ve been trying to find different approaches on learning a foreign language… and this vocabulary acquisition was often mentioned. So prior to this workshop, I’ve started to implement it in my class. I truly think it will change my students’ life.

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