Cross-Curricular Community, December 5, 2022

12 décembre 2022

The Guide for Ensuring Consistent and Effective Support for Adult Learners with Special Needs presentation was the third Cross-Curricular Community Après-cours of the year.

This meeting was held on December 5, 2022 and presented by Avi Spector, RÉCIT Consultant for Accessibility and Inclusive Tech and Matthew Kennedy, Consultant for Social Participation and Sociovocational Integration, LBPSB.

Session recording


By clicking on the hyperlink of one of the points in the table below, you will be redirected to the precise moment of the recording when this point was discussed.

Welcome, Opening
– Who does the Guide help?
– Assistive Technology Tools
– What does the guide look like?
– The Centre Team
– The Student File
– The ASG Checklist
– Adaptation vs Accommodation
– The Adult Support Education Plan (ASEP)
– The « CARE Package »
– Declaration and Signatures
Q and A session

Documents and links

The Presentation used during the workshop
The AGE Support Guide Google Drive(ASG)
Les lignes directrices pour assurer la cohérence des actions entreprises au regard de la démarche d’accompagnement de l’adulte ayant des besoins particuliers
The ASG Checklist
The Anglophone community forum on Moodle FGA

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