Cross-Curricular Community, January 26, 2023

3 février 2023

Individualized and Multi-Level/Subject Teaching was the fourth Cross-Curricular community Après-cours of the year.

The meeting was held on January 26, 2023 and presented by Shanna Loach.

Session recording


By clicking on the hyperlink of one of the points in the table below, you will be redirected to the precise moment of the recording when this point was discussed.

Welcome, Opening
Themes That Emerged
Contact List
Balancing our own Health and Students Needs
Tips and Tricks for Balancing Teaching and Life
Motivation and Engagement
Let’s Share
– Before, After or still in the Pandemic?


Documents and links

The Presentation used during the workshop
APC Individualized Google folder
PD à la carte
The Anglophone community forum on Moodle FGA

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