Mathematics Community, February 15, 2023

17 février 2023

During this meeting, the participants are surveyed on the project undertaken in the Francophone sector to review the programs and evaluations in mathematics.

The meeting was on February 15, 2023. It was hosted by Micheline Ammar, Equipe-Choc Pedagogical.

Session recording


By clicking on the hyperlink of one of the points in the table below, you will be redirected to the precise moment of the recording when this point was discussed.

Welcome statement
The 4 Questions
Q1-Would an adaptation of the youth cycle 1 mathematics program in line with our FBD: three disciplinary competencies and assessment in complex tasks as in FBD, better prepare students for secondary 3?
Q2-Would a VT preparatory math program for grades 3 and 4 help students perform better in VT
Q3. Would an update of the CCBE DEDs focusing on a two-step assessment be a more equitable way of evaluating in terms of respecting the assessment policy? Q4. An update of the FBD DEDs focused on a two-step assessment in the classroom and 70% on knowledge-based in the exam room be more equitable way of evaluating in terms of alignment with respect of the assessment policy and practices of the youth sector?
Invitation to action
The Survey

Documents and links

The Collaborative document for this Mathematics Après-cours Community
The Survey, please pass it along to you colleagues
You will find the shared resources in the resource library
The AGE Ressources Website

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