NMW | Experiential Mathematics, February 23, 2023

1 mars 2023

Experiential learning is learning through experience and it gained significance as the learners are asked to reflect on their experience. Hands-on activities are promoted in experiential learning. Learners become more dynamic in experiential learning than the traditional didactic classroom, the trademark of passive learning. During this webinar, the participants experienced activities to discover this concept which was subsequently supported by theory. A resource bank was shared to provide teachers with material they could use in class.

This webinar was on February 23, 2023. It was hosted by Micheline Ammar, Equipe-Choc pedagogical and Rita Nassif, conseillère pédagogique, CSSMÎ.


By clicking on the hyperlink of one of the points in the table below, you will be redirected to the precise moment of the recording when this point was discussed.
Opening remarks and agenda
What does experiential Math means to you?
1. Let’s do it!
Activity 1 – Math in 3 acts
– Act 1
– Act 2
– Act 3
– Is it a good problem? Why?
– Based on the Mathematical intervention Framework …
Activity 2 – Number Talk
– Let’s talk and think about it!
– Is it a good problem? Why?
– Based on the Mathematical intervention Framework …
2. Let’s share and reflect
So what?
Activity 3-Planning an experiential math lesson
Example of an Activity to Learn Scale
The Theories behind the Concept
– What experiential Math is
Kolb’s Model
– Bloom’s Taxonomy
– Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle
– Guiding students through questions
– Bloom’s Taxonomy of Critical Thinking Skills
Now What?
– Pre-Preparation Steps to Experiential Learning
How do we all Learn Naturally ?
Let’s summarize
Other Ideas
« Share and reflect » examples
How does experiential learning support the teaching and learning of mathematics?
Challenges to Consider
Topic of a future NMW
Wrap up
Resources and references

Documents and links

The presentation used during the workshop
Le référentiel d’intervention en mathématique
Graspable Math
The site of the National mathematics workshops 

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